Dr. Nima Alavi is an Australian pharmacist who has spent years researching the harmful affects of alcohol. It wasn't until he discovered the real cause of hangovers that he became determined to help his patients avoid them...

Migraines are severe headaches that occur when there is uneven dilation of the blood vessels.
Imagine a garden hose that is narrow at both ends, wide in some places, and narrow again in others. Your body needs a specific form of...

There are plenty of Vitamin C products on the market already, but most of them are flawed. They usually contain just one type of Vitamin C, or worse, they contain a synthetic knockoff. ..

An Australian company, Pain Away LLC, maker of a new product called Outback Pain Relief, appears to have struck a nerve with U.S. consumers in recent months. Pain Away LLC has been producing natural pain relieving products in Australia for over a decade, but about 11 months ago they completed an unprecedented product launch in the USA.

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