Maybe you have heard of essential oils and maybe you haven’t, essential oils have been used for decades to treat a variety of ailments in people. In fact, it has been speculated 

If you have a dog, you probably already have fleas in your house. Sometimes these blood sucking insects become a major infestation and require drastic actions. Here are a few tips to help you avoid fleas in the home.

You are what you eat and apparently the chronic pain that you are experiencing could be from the foods you eat. How does your diet affect your pain? Where pain is present there is also inflammation. There are many remedies that have been recommended to fight inflammation but......

For the past few years, California has been going through a record drought. Every year there is hopes that the drought will end with a particularly wet season, only to have hopes dashed by increased drought statewide. 

David Ireland is the star of the TV series "The Wildlife Man" which is shown all around the world on The Discovery Channel. He has traveled all around the world and learned about natural healing ingredients and ancient anti-inflammatory remedies from indigenous tribes and aboriginal peoples that are cut off from the modern world.

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