3 Ways To Naturally Eliminate Fleas From Your Home
If you have a dog, you probably already have fleas in your house. Sometimes these blood sucking insects become a major infestation and require drastic actions. Here are a few tips to help you avoid fleas in the home.
Fleas are both an embarrassment and an irritation in the house. Flea infestations are annoying for both pets and humans. Fleas cause mild and even severe itching and discomfort to the skin.

In extreme circumstances, flea bites may cause anemia and skin infections. Here are three ways in which you can eliminate fleas from your house.
#1 - Bathe Your Pets Well

Using a citrus-based dish washing liquid or a shampoo, bathe your cat or dog very well. Fleas will drown in the water since they don’t grasp onto the pet’s hair shaft. After bathing, remember to use a flea comb. Also ask the groomer to cut your pet’s hair shorter or clip it prior to any treatments. Discuss with your vet about topical treatments and sprays you can apply on your pet’s skin. 
#2 - Wash your pet’s beddings and any clothing that have been on the floor
To reduce the number of flea eggs and lava on the bedding and cloth items, you must wash them regularly. This will also make the insecticides more effective. The wash cycle may not kill the fleas but it will eject some fleas and eggs through the drain. Additionally, the dry cycle for over 30 minutes will kill any fleas and eggs that might be remaining on the cloth. 
While washing, do everything at same time. Remove everything at once and wrap them in tied up sheets. Clean items should be wrapped in clean sheets and left wrapped until 12 hours have elapsed after cleaning your pets and your house because the fleas may crawl onto them. After treating your house, allow your pets to roam freely around the house. Any fleas that are still alive will smell the pets, jump onto their fur and will be eliminated immediately they bite your pets’ skin.
#3 - Use 100% washable pet beds
A lot of pet beds claim to be washable, but they really aren't. Fleas can easily hide inside of most pet beds and survive an entire washing cycle. The only pet bed we've found that is 100% washable is called the Wash'n Zip Pet Bed. The unique design removes all potential hiding places for fleas. The bed assists in flea prevention because it can be completely cleaned both inside and out in just one standard wash in your regular washing machine. You can find Wash'n Zip on Amazon.com here.
These simple tips should help avoid costly pest control bills for major flea infestations.

-Debbie Hunt
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