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New Hangover Relief Takes eBay by Storm
New Hangover Relief Takes USA by Storm
Dr. Nima Alavi
World renowned chemist and pharmacist that has discovered the actual cause of hangovers.
We can get so used to the same old products and services that we fail to take a step back and ask ourselves, is there something better out there?

Dr. Nima Alavi is an Australian pharmacist who spent years researching the harmful effects of alcohol. It wasn't until he discovered the real cause of hangovers that he became determined to help his patients avoid them.

Alcohol is toxic substance that your body wants to remove as fast as it can. When your liver breaks down alcohol, a by-product 30 times more toxic than alcohol is created. 

This chemical by-product is a group 1 carcinogen named acetaldehyde. This stuff is really bad for you and your liver is pumping it into your blood stream with each sip of alcohol you take.
When you are sleeping after drinking, your liver goes to work breaking down alcohol. Unfortunately for you, it's turning that alcohol into far worse: acetaldehyde. That's why you wake up feeling like death.

Dr. Alavi knew how to solve this problem because he spent years researching compounds that absorb toxins.

After some trial and error, he developed what he calls the dual action formula. The first part of the formula is for liver support and includes B vitamins and milk thistle.

The second part of the dual action formula is a proprietary blend of taraxacum, zingiber and bacopa monnieri. These Australian herbs act as a magnet for acetaldehyde.

The herbs bind to the toxins and pass them through your system before they build up in your bloodstream.

Dehydration also plays a role in hangovers, but not as much as most people think.

When you combine this product with proper hydration, you wake up feeling absolutely amazing.
  • Promote liver function for rapid removal of toxins
  • Unique herbal blend designed to absorb acetaldehyde
  • Prevent hangovers instead of trying to relieve it later
It's called HANGOVERx and it has just set the bar for hangover relief products.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. HangoverX is taken to help reduce hangover symptoms and support a healthy liver. HangoverX does not prevent alcohol impairment. Please drink responsibly. Do not drink and drive.
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