When It Comes To Joint Pain Relief, Our Readers Have Spoken...
And The Winner Is Outback Pain Relief
(Orlando) It started with a question. You used to enjoy all of life’s simple pleasures without a care in the world. What happened? Joint pain and inflammation related ailments are a growing epidemic in the United States today. The CDC estimated that 52.5 million adults have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. That’s nearly 23% of all adults.
An Australian company, Pain Away LLC, maker of a new product called Outback Pain Relief, appears to have struck a nerve with U.S. consumers in recent months. Pain Away LLC has been producing natural pain relieving products in Australia for over a decade, but about 11 months ago they completed an unprecedented product launch in the USA.
The relatively small Australian company has already generated so much buzz that their main product has already found its way onto the shelves of major retailers such as Meijer Supermarkets. They are also scheduled to start negotiations with Wal-Mart next month.
“Instant sales volume like that is almost unprecedented,” says a company spokesperson. “Based mostly on word of mouth and the media, our success is due to the fact that we are nothing like our closest competitors. Outback doesn’t use cheap chemicals to burn or freeze pain sensors, essentially tricking them for a short period. Outback uses just four all-natural Australian essential oils to penetrate deep into the joints and provide real inflammation relief. Our clients want to feel better without taking drugs. The numbers speak for themselves.”
Pain Away LLC is now receiving regular inquiries from health based retail stores and pharmacies requesting to carry Outback Pain Relief.

Making Pain Relief History

Outback’s success has taken the industry by storm. “We were told that Outback wouldn't be able to compete with the mega brand names with billion dollar ad campaigns,” explains Pain Away’s Director of Research and Development. “Luckily we didn't listen to the experts, we listened to the people that were calling us on the phone just to thank us for making a natural product that actually works.”
Modern consumers are more aware of the potential dangers of ingesting drugs and chemicals than any other time in history. Natural health awareness is at an all-time high in the United States and many Americans are fed up with food items, beverages and medicines that are loaded with GMOs and other unnatural ingredients. The demand for natural products is growing exponentially across the board.
The Outback Story
It comes as no surprise that a product like this would come from Australia, a country known for producing superior strains of tea tree oil, eucalyptus and other potent essential oils.
The antiseptic power of tea tree oil and eucalyptus are well documented, but few people even realize that they are also potent pain relievers. Why you ask? The answer might surprise you. These two miracle ingredients can’t fully penetrate human skin on their own. That’s where Outback comes in.
The makers of Outback found a way to combine these natural pain relievers with other natural oils that are able to penetrate skin. Natural vanilla extract is used as a vasodilator to open up the blood vessels in the area and natural olive oil acts as a delivery mechanism.
After a special blending process, these ingredients work together to reduce inflammation and restore range of motion. Some people even report better sleep quality.
Thanks to Outback Pain Relief, millions of Arthritis sufferers are back in their gardens, out on the tennis court and even playing a full round of golf. Outback actually reduces the inflammation, which gives your own body a chance to repair some of the damage in the area.
What Can Outback Do For Millions of Hurting Americans?
It can help you…
  • Enjoy the activities you love again with minimal pain
  • Sleep without interruption, wake up feeling rested
  • Restore range of motion and enjoy overall better quality of life
One Formula Has Americans Feeling Better
Outback contains all natural ingredients, can be used as often as needed, works better with consistent use and is not habit forming. You will feel better than you have felt in 10 years, not bogged down by pain.
Outback is available for $4 off on Amazon right now, so you can finally experience the life you deserve. Claim yours now and see what millions of people are raving about.
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