6 Reasons Why Your Drinking Water Might Not Be Safe Soon
Every inhabitant on this planet needs water to survive. Sadly, pure drinking water is becoming more scarce with each passing day.
Reason #1 - The California Drought

Governor Jerry Brown officially declared California a drought emergency on Jan. 17, 2014. CA is on pace to surpass their worst drought in over 2000 years. In 2013 LA recorded it's driest year ever. The California Snowpack is at a record low, 12 percent lower than historic average.

California remains in severe drought status. Residents are genuinely scared that there will come a day when they turn on the tap and nothing comes out. Many experts predict that the drought will not end anytime soon. When water is scarce, quality will suffer.
Reason #2 - Lack of Inventions to Purify Water
This may surprise you, but the technology already exists to generate gallons of pure drinking water from the humidity in the air, without damaging the environment. This is called atmospheric water generation.

Sadly most of these machines are made in China and the Chinese AWGs are notoriously unreliable. The only one we could find that is made in the USA is called Drinkable Air.
Reason #3 -  Dumping of toxic chemicals to bodies of water
During the early 50s, 60s and even through the 80s, factories have illegally put themselves near bodies of water because for some reason, it was easier to dump the chemicals that they used there. Unfortunately, it killed a lot of fish, and poisoned not only animals but humans as well and worse; the toxic chemicals seeped into the soil and poisoned some parts of the land.
Reason #4 - Deforestation
As the population increased, the need for more wood has doubled. Sadly, people in the industry had to find ways to meet those needs. Unfortunately, a lot of forested areas had fallen victims to deforestation which affected the soil and caused erosion. If trees were not cut in big numbers, water would be filtered through the soil and could be drunk.
Reason #5 - Overuse
Using a lot of water when you don’t really need it is contributing to losing more drinking water. Some of us take super long showers and some keep the faucet open while we brush our teeth. The same water is used to make drinkable water and we’re already wasting a lot of it.
Reason #6 - Drastic changes in weather
The world that we’re living in is changing faster than ever. As humans progress, we use chemicals that are harmful to the environment. One example is the burning of the ozone layer. You see, humans used to mass produce chemicals that are harmful to the ozone layer. It was too late when we discovered the effects as it had already thinned enough for UV rays to melt the ice caps causing water to increase year after year. Because of that, the weather has been “acting up” as well because of the imbalance and now we’re dealing with drastic changes like this.
Be sure to do your part and help keep drinking water available for our children and their children as well.

-Debbie Hunt
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